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I’ve started many a failed blog in my time, and after the last sorry attempt that was live all of two weeks, I had pretty much given up on being a blogger extraordinaire for good. However I’ve recently been reading some great food blogs (see my blog roll), which have inspired me to give it another go. I figured if I’m going to have any success at all this time round then focusing on not one, but two of my favourite things (food & travel) would be the safest bet!

Having a rather extensive cookbook collection I initially considered a blog à la 101 cookbooks or french laundry at home, but then decided that a tad too ambitious and should probably ease myself into this, having not exactly the best track record. So I’m going to go with a bit of everything: some general foodie ramblings, a few restaurant reviews here and there and a sprinkling of recipes in between. Sounds achievable right? Here’s hoping…


~ by gourmettraveller on July 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “post #1”

  1. i’m so glad i read this post… reading your blog and world foodie guide’s, my two favourites, has served as inspiration to me, my two passions are food and travel.. and now I have a way of sharing my food and travel thoughts and experiences.. i never know if what i’m doing is being well received or not.. or whether its ok… but then its only been a couple of months… anyway.. just wanted to say thanks

    • I can’t believe you went all the way back to this post! Thanks for your kind comments- it’s always lovely to hear that others enjoy what you’re throwing out into the blogosphere! :)

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