pancetta and parmesan risotto

Lunch today, a Pancetta and Parmesan Risotto for one. So simple – all you need is a little patience and you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying bowl of creamy goodness. Finely chop half a small onion and pop it in a saucepan on low heat with 2 tbsp chopped pancetta and a large knob of butter. Cook gently for a few minutes until the onions have softened. In the meantime, heat 500ml (2 cups) of chicken stock in a separate saucepan. Scatter 140g (2/3 cup) of risotto rice over the onions and pancetta, stirring for a minute to coat and fry a little in the butter. Add the hot stock a ladleful at a time, stirring constantly until most of the liquid is absorbed before the next addition. After 20-25 minutes, when all the stock has been incorporated and the risotto is beautifully creamy (but still with a bite), stir in a large handful of freshly grated parmesan and a small pat of butter. Top with a few twists of black pepper and a drizzle of truffle oil to serve, if desired. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

~ by gourmettraveller on January 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “pancetta and parmesan risotto”

  1. I’ve just read through–and drooled over–all your posts and I wanted to tell you what a terrific blog you’ve created. I can’t wait to see what you make next. I adore London and have visited a number of times.

  2. yum, can’t wair to try! Beautiful

  3. Looks simple and delicious. I can imagine all the lovely flavour. Would love to try.

  4. delecious .. thanks for sharing

  5. Risotto is not only a favorite but a staple in an Italian household. Can’t wait to taste the salty addition of pancetta in your recipe!

  6. Love the addition of pancetta. the flavor must be amazing.

  7. Plan to make this tonight, it sounds so good! Thanks!!!

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