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Today sees the launch of the Soho Foodlovers Market on Rupert Street, smack bang in the middle of Central London. Boasting a wealth of growers and artisanal food producers, the market is scheduled to pitch up on Rupert Street every Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

We got there at midday and it was buzzing, but not packed, so we managed to get a proper nose around the stalls, heavy with fresh British produce – like this sea of juicy cherries, cox apples and strawberries from Kent.

Apart from numerous fruit and veg sellers, there were several dairy producers peddling items ranging from organic eggs and cheeses, to raw unpasteurised milk, butter and cream (from Hook & Son).

On the meat front, there were pork products from Bringing Home the Bacon, which included their prize-winning bacon and sausages from Somerset.

As well as salt marsh lamb and mutton from Thoroughly Wild Meat Co. and a selection of homemade pâté and terrines from Market Gourmet.

On the lookout for something to bring for our evening picnic concert at Kenwood House, we headed over to Madame Gautier, lured by the hunks of 14-hour confit beef. We ended up buying one of the plump pot roasted chickens. I was unsure if I made the right choice after spotting the rotisserie chickens from Fosse Meadows Farm later on, but my fears were unfounded as the chook we bought was moist, fall-off-the-bone tender and came with some rather tasty stuffing and gravy.

To go with our chicken, B picked out some lovely round courgettes and a frilly head of lettuce from Wild Country Organics vegetable stand.

Although it’s really more a market to buy back produce and prepared food from, there were a few street food stalls including Arancini Brothers, which sold vegetarian and gluten free arancini risotto balls, served with salad, or rolled up in a chili or garlic wrap.

There was also the obligatory Hog Roast stall that also sold empanadas and pastis de natas (Portuguese egg tarts).

And although we already had lunch plans I could not help but be enticed by the smells coming from Happy Herefords & Tipsy Tamworths stall where they were grilling up some burgers, sausages and minute steaks (also on sale was fresh meat and the same raw sausages and burgers to take home).

The loosely-packed sausage was very flavourful, and the caramelised onions were a nice touch. Shame that the bun it rested in was a little hard.

For sweets there were gorgeous cupcakes and over-sized meringues at Bea’s of Bloombury, off on the side on Winnett Street, as well as organic ice cream from Helsett Farm.

I had heard lots about Outsider Tart, a store in Chiswick selling American style cupcakes, pies, tarts and other sweet treats. I was delighted to find they had a stand at the market, which saved me the trip to West London shop.

I chose a cinnamon sugar-dusted cake doughnut and an incredibly sinful gooey walnut chocolate fudge graham cracker brownie concoction, both of which I’ll be digging into after I publish this post (I snuck a bite of each earlier and they were both sensational)!

On the same side street as Bea’s was the Neal’s Yard Dairy stall (strangely left unmanned when I passed by), plus tables brimming with jams, chutneys, pressed apple juice and specialty bread.

There are so many great farmers’ markets dotted around London, and it’s brilliant to finally have one in such a central location just a stone’s throw from the bustling Oxford and Regent Streets. I look forward to visiting again, and hope to find even more on offer next time I do.

FoodLovers Markets Soho
Saturday 9am-4pm
Rupert Street & Winnett Street
Soho, London W1

~ by gourmettraveller on July 10, 2010.

17 Responses to “soho foodlovers market”

  1. Fantastic post with some great pictures. Thanks for posting about the market, we hope you can make it down here each week.

  2. Wow, what a great market…The pics are great, and the post too:)

  3. I love food markets (I take pictures too) and practically buy my vegetables at cheeses only at the market. As regards to meat, I prefer my favorite butcher shops….bread, also in favorite bakery shop. Great pictures, good to see and read.

  4. Looks like an amazing place! Lucky you to live close by…!

  5. Oooh…I love ..I love this type of market. There’s always so much to see and try and buy. You must have so much fun. We get International Market here, a few times a year. Looking forward to another one.

  6. “incredibly sinful gooey walnut chocolate fudge graham cracker brownie” that sold it for me. Need food now!

  7. I am an international connoisseur of farmers markets and love love love learning about new ones- just jealous we’re not headed to London!

  8. ahhhhhh makes me wanna go back to london….!!!!

  9. Bravo on the pictures. These types of markets are some of the best places to spend some time!

  10. omg, that looks amazing!!! i cannot believe how cheap those raw milk products are compared to here! ::sobs:: and i have to have that birdcage cake one day!

  11. Wow, I’ll definitely have to check this out. I love confit de canard, but I’ve never tried beef. If you want to find out about the best markets and food around the world, the blog is a great site to visit. It chronicles the travels of two writers travelling around the world in holiday homes, with a strong focus on food & cooking. Most recently they were in Tokyo, now Bali. Their posts on the Tokyo fish markets are amazing.

  12. *drools*
    Ok, I HAVE to go here! Thanks for posting about it, and great photos too!

  13. GT, thanks for the heads up on this market, I had a quick skim a couple of Saturdays back and will go down again and make some actual purchases. I enjoyed a sample of the Fosse Meadows Farm chicken (and would have bought one except for the fact that I had already bought a Devonshire Red from M&S earlier in the week) and was very happy to see their rotisserie, not a common enough sight in London. And of course a visit to the market can be combined with a stop off at either Gelupo or Brewed Boy, a very pleasant way to start the weekend!!

    • I know, I love rotisseries! Sadly I’ve heard rumours that the market’s struggling a little and it may be closing soon.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I hope that the market survives and I hope to revisit and make purchases now that I am back in town. I like my nearest farmers’ markets (Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park) but also enjoy visiting other areas to explore food markets and shops.

  14. Would be a shame if it doesn’t last. Word is just getting out of its existence. I live a couple of streets away and did not know about it. I shop regularly at farmers mkt’s etc so will get there this week to check it out. Several of my neighbours knew nothing about it either..all are keen ‘foodies’. Sadly some are also away most of August so it should stay happening until word spreads. Pretty sure it could be successful.

    • yes agreed that it’s not particularly well-advertised, hopefully word will spread and keep it going. as for BB I didn’t mean it that way – he totally supports the market!

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