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Before you say anything – yes, I am possibly the last food blogger to eat at/blog about Mooli’s in Soho. I’ve passed its lime green shopfront on Frith Street countless times, but unable to resist the siren call of noodles at neighbouring Koya, have never set foot in its colourful digs. This week I finally made it down with some ex-work mates, who despite working only a few streets down have surprisingly never heard of the place.

The small restaurant is set up like any takeaway spot, with a small bright service counter and a few high tables and stools for those who want to eat-in. It’s not your standard lunch fare though – the roti (flat bread) wraps inspired by the street food of India are created by chef Raju Rawat, who has trained in both the 5-star Oberoi in Delhi, as well as London’s Michelin-starred Benares.

There’s fierce debate among the twitterati as to whether the pork or goat mooli is the best, and not wanting to judge for myself I ordered a mini of each. The boys stuck to the manlier full-sized versions; A ordered chicken mooli and U, the goat. I tucked into the pork mooli first – slow-cooked Goan pork in a slightly piquant marinade with a good amount of chilli kick, wrapped with salad and pomegranate salsa in a soft roti. It was exceedingly tasty, and I particularly liked the refreshing bursts of tartness from the pomegranate.

However, as much as I liked the pork, one bite into the goat and I was smitten. The moist fat-laced Punjabi goat made the pork seem dry in comparison, and I enjoyed the warmer aromatic notes of the spicy cumin-scented curry, although the big lumps of potato made it a real carb-overload. More goat and less tatties I say. U also approved of his goat mooli, noting that it was very similar to what he ate on his travels in India, and A loved the addition of crisp apple in his chicken, mint chutney and yoghurt number. A very satisfying lunch outing all around.

50 Frith Street
London W1D 4SQ

t. 020 7494 9075

Mooli's on Urbanspoon

Moolis demolished, I trundled over to Yu-foria to meet Mathilde for some frozen yoghurt to cool my tastebuds down. There’s been an abundance of new fro-yo joints popping up in the last few months, some good (Yog) and others not so (Snog). The first thing you notice in Yu-foria is the leafy green wall (made of real leaves!) and the wooden furnishings, all alluding to the naturalness of the ingredients in their frozen treats (even the eating and drinking utensils are fashioned out of plant starch).

Aside from the lovely eco feel of the place, the fro-yo was actually rather good. I tried both the natural and chocolate (excuse the poor image – it was taken on the blackberry) and found it rich and creamy, yet still light enough not to comatose me (I did just have a mooli-fest after all). I chose a healthy topping of fresh berries which worked well, although there were a few quite frozen strawberries in the mix which were a bit of a shock to my teeth! Plain fro-yo is usually my top pick, but I found myself favouring the chocolate as it tasted just like chocolate milkshake – yum.

38 Beak Street
London W1F 9RG

t. 020 7240 5532

Yuforia on Urbanspoon

~ by gourmettraveller on August 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “mooli’s + yu-foria”

  1. Ah, Mooli’s, how I love them. You should have gone during the World Cup – the babotie mooli was amazing.
    I agree about Snog frozen yoghurt – I was very disappointed, and somewhat put off by the rather chemically smell that permanently emits from the Covent Garden branch. Not good.
    Love the blog!

  2. Yay for Mooli’s and Yuforia! Two of my fave places at the moment. Also a big no-no on Snog and Yog is good too.

  3. Both look amazing! There’s something about goat that never lets me down…:)

  4. Have you tried FRAE yet? Delicious, 100% organic, v. cool interior. They are in Notting Hill and Islington. Please let me know if you would like to try it. Gx

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