gelupo’s ricotta, coffee and honey gelato

Ever since discovering Gelupo‘s extensive range of frozen treats I’ve been a frequent visitor to the gelateria, especially on sweltering days when a scoop of gelato or slushy cup of granita provides a welcome respite. I’m hopelessly smitten with the blond almond, almond stracciatella and all of the coffee variations, including their outstanding signature ricotta, coffee and honey gelato. It’s such a happy marriage of flavours and tasting it the first time was a real revelation.

Imagine my joy when flipping the Style Magazine from The Sunday Times a few weekends back, to find the recipe for this exact gelato. I immediately went in search of some chestnut honey (eventually found a jar in Selfridges – I’ve also been told that it’s stocked at Brindisa and Garcia) to rustle up a glorious batch of the stuff. Creamy mild ricotta, aromatic hits of caffeine and a faint but distinct hint of honey – so lovely and decadent, it’s hard to believe it’s better for you than ice cream. Seriously, what are you waiting for – start churning before autumn comes a-knockin’!

Ricotta, Coffee and Honey Gelato
serves 4

300g (10.5 oz) ricotta
340ml (11.5 fl oz) full-fat milk
50ml (4 tbsp) glucose syrup (or light honey)
1 heaped tsp fine coffee grounds
30g (1 oz) skimmed milk powder
20g (0.7 oz) chestnut honey
3g (0.1 oz) leaf gelatine
130g (4.5 oz) sugar

Soak the leaf gelatine in small bowl of cold water for a few minutes.

In a small pan, bring the milk and glucose (or honey) to the boil. Mix the sugar and milk powder together and pour into the hot milk in a steady stream, stirring as you do so to incorporate.

Remove from the heat and pop in the gelatine (squeeze first to remove excess water), stirring to dissolve.

Place the ricotta in a deep bowl and pour over the hot milk mixture. Using a hand blender, combine until smooth. Return the mixture to the pan and heat until it just comes to the simmer to repasteurise the cheese – about 70°C (155°F).

Leave to cool. Once it comes to room temperature, stir in the chestnut honey and coffee grounds. Churn in the ice cream machine for lovely lovely gelato (if it seems a little soft after churning just pop in a container and freeze overnight and it’ll be perfect scooping consistency).

~ by gourmettraveller on August 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “gelupo’s ricotta, coffee and honey gelato”

  1. wonderful! This is going in my recipe box!

  2. Oh dear! This looks like trouble!

  3. Talk about ricotta and gelato and I come running. Love the recipe!


  4. yummy

  5. Is it wrong to now want a burger at 9.12AM!!

  6. I tried Gelupo only once and found it strangely watery. Seems to melt quite quickly compared to other gelato I’ve had overseas. Personally find Oddono’s nicer.

  7. The best bit is I actually got to taste the icecream gourmettraveller made! So yummy! I think I know what my partner will be buying me for Christmas this year!

  8. Do you need fresh ricotta from the deli (firm) in this recipe or I can use the one in tub ( soft)?

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