bibendum’s plateau de fruits de mer

One of my dearest friends G was in town last week, stopping by for a few days on her way back to Singapore after six months travelling around the globe. I heard about the quaint picturesque villages she fell in love with in Italy while we shoe-shopped at Selfridges, and the arduous (but ultimately rewarding) hike through Manchu Picchu as we nosed around Alfies Antiques Market. But it was over our long drawn out wine-fuelled meals that we did the most catching up – a home-cooked paella dinner (not so strange if you factor in the fact that she bypassed Spain on her world tour) at ours, laid-back lunches at Bibendum and Harwood Arms, and posher evenings out at Launceston Place and Bob Bob Ricard.

It was grey and wet when we arrived at Bibendum Oyster Bar so we grabbed one of the warmer inside tables, ordered a bottle of Sancerre and a Plateau de Fruits de Mer to share (in my opinion there really is no point coming here to have anything else). We chatted away over our glasses of wine and before long a majestic platter loaded with oysters, langoustines , prawns, crevettes grises, whelks, winkles and crab was set in front of us.

Everything was spanking fresh – the oysters were plump and creamy, and the sweet langoustines, prawns and crab were succulent and perfectly cooked. I even enjoyed the bouncy whelks and winkles (I’m not usually a huge fan), dunked in the rich homemade mayonnaise. Not ideal for a quick lunch – the shellfish takes time to work through, but a stellar way to wile away a lazy afternoon with an old friend.

Bibendum Oyster Bar
Michelin House
81 Fulham Road
London SW3 6RD

t. 020 7589 1480

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~ by gourmettraveller on August 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “bibendum’s plateau de fruits de mer”

  1. that is literally my dream lunch! I love love love raw bar especially when presented in tower form

  2. lovely seafood

  3. Have you eaten at the main restaurant before? I’ve been tempted to try it but there aren’t a lot of blog reviews.

  4. GT why do you always manage to make us all so hungry for something specific!!!! It looks fab, fresh and not messed around with, which is just what fruits de mer should be!!!

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