chinese pork and apple soup

We have only been back in London for a few days but the swaying palm trees and soft sandy beaches of Maldives seem like a distant memory. To adjust to the sudden drop in temperatures, I made this warming chinese pork and apple soup – it was a staple in our household during the winter months when I was a child, and is also particularly good for combating coughs and soothing sore throats. It couldn’t be simpler – just toss all the ingredients in a pot, top up with water, bring to the boil then leave to simmer for 2-3 hours. The chinese almonds, snow fungus and sweet dates are available from any oriental grocer and dried figs are readily available at health stores.

Chinese Pork and Apple Soup
(serves 4)

500g (1 lb) lean pork (fillet)
6 red apples (cox or braeburns are good)
1 tbsp chinese almonds
1 snow/white fungus
2 sweet dates
4 dried white figs
1 tsp salt

Peel, core and quarter the apples. Place in a large stock pot together with all the other ingredients and top up with 2 litres (approximately 2 quarts) of water and bring to a boil over a high heat.

Once boiling, skim the surface of the soup then turn the fire down to low and leave to simmer (covered) for 2-3 hours. Check every hour and add more water if necessary.

Season to taste, then serve in bowls with a little of the apples, pork and snow fungus in each bowl.

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~ by gourmettraveller on November 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “chinese pork and apple soup”

  1. This is the soup that my family would love. I have just tried the other day with sweet corn, wolfberries and dried longans. It’s a nutritious Chinese soup.

  2. I love simple homemade soup like this :)

  3. Missed your blogging! Your blog is in my top 3 so I’m glad you’re back from vaca!

  4. Wow! This is a most unusual soup but I have no doubt it would cure what’s ailing me right now.

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