Already open a fortnight, I’m way behind on shouting the praises of MEATliquor, the latest, and at last permanent digs of the #MEATEASY folk grill master Yianni Papoutsis and pub supremo Scott Collins. Situated in the highly accessible W1 postcode (hurrah!) on Wellbeck Street, just behind Debenhams, the burger mecca is open 5 days a week from noon till late.

Inside, the decor is dark and edgy – interesting albeit slightly disconcerting, especially in the daytime (when I made my visit). But I kinda love it – the grungy dirtiness would be, I think, pretty awesome at night.

The dirty fried chicken I desperately wanted to try had yet to make it on the menu, so we settled for fried pickles and buffalo wings to start. The pickles were good indeed – juicy sharp dill pickle slices encased in golden crunchy batter and eaten dunked in the cool blue cheese sour cream dip. I wish they had been cut smaller though – a higher batter to pickle ratio would make a better balance.

Buffalo Wings piled onto the same paper-lined tray (no poncey presentation here) were served with the same pot of sauce on the side. Personally I favour more piquancy and heat; still they were very tasty and moreish.

The star of the show was without doubt the burgers. One bite into my Dead Hippie and I was in meat heaven. Two handsome crusty patties draped with molten American cheese, pink and moist in the middle, tucked snuggly in a soft toasted bun.

Shredded lettuce and pickle slices added freshness and bite, and the secret onion-speckled sauce put this beauty over the top. Every mouthful induced sighs of pleasure – if there is a finer burger in London I have not tasted it.

With all the meat we had ordered we felt the need for some token vegetables so ordered a helping of coleslaw. Probably wasn’t all that good for us – creamy as it was – but who cares, it tasted great.

I cannot stress enough how much you need Meat Liquor in your life. Seriously, I’m already mentally clearing my schedule for another visit. If you love, or even like burgers you need to trot on down and join the queue (the only downside – I have heard most nights the lines snake round the block).

Meat Liquor
74 Welbeck Street
London W1G 0BA

t. 020 7224 4239

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~ by gourmettraveller on November 25, 2011.

13 Responses to “MEATliquor”

  1. I am with you on all the above – i still salivate at the memory of my dead hippie at #meateasy. Sigh. So good. I am VERY happy they have opened up at a permanent location.

  2. I need some of that Dead Hippie love, stat. Are they still serving the mac and cheese? Best I’ve had in London so far (when they were down at New Cross)


  3. Different experience to you. Didn’t enjoy chicken wings, really blah. The Dead Hippie is really salty. The cheese isn’t from America so why call it American cheese. It’s just sliced pre-packaged cheese. The decor is very lurid in the daytime. Think the ordinary burgers are better.

  4. I’ve not yet made it down to MeatLiquor but very keen to try…especially after seeing your food (or should that be meat?) porn pics :-) Yum!

  5. I work 10 min walk away but haven’t been in the daytime yet. Night time visits have culminated in memory loss, burger splotches on my clothes and being bed-ridden for the entirety of the next day …

  6. I will definitley visit this place when I am in London next week!!

  7. Yum, great review, get me to Meat Liquor :)

  8. Omg your photos are making me so hungry! Great post and review!

  9. Cool post, everything looks super tasty :)

  10. I went in the first week, it was marvellous and the cocktails were as good as the burger. Apt name happy me.

  11. A very healthy looking meal you have here,just the best for my New Year’s Resolutions, bring it on!!

  12. Mouth watering image of that burger, the place looks amazing and will be visiting very soon.

  13. […] it wasn’t an experience you could repeat at any other location in London. Other blogs have waxed lyrical and sung the praises of the cheeseburger and other such beefy, greasy delights on the […]

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